A Grand Setting


These commissioned pieces have found a new home in a grand setting. Each piece has was crafted by Robin and feature deep texture amidst a delicate painting creating a unique balance. Robin would like to thank his client for allowing him to use the images.

David and Paul add the finishing touch.


During the summer we had the pleasure to visit our dear friends and clients David and Paul. One of my all-time favourites Ganymede is now accompanied by a luxurious new sofa to complete the look.

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"Blue void" shines overlooking Cardiff Bay.

We had the pleasure of paying a visit to vibrant Cardiff Bay where "Blue void" has found its new home. Not just a stunning home but a great view overlooking the bay. Jane and Charles made us very welcome. This included superb coffee and a sturdy ladder already in position to raise Blue void to its high position within the room. We will be returning soon with another stunning piece to complete the collection.


St. Pauls - creation of a painting

"Eternal" at home within classical styling.

Carl and Tiffany waited patiently as Eternal was raised onto a panel that almost seemed made to fit. My Eternal abstract also suited the mood within this classically styled room. During its creation many hours were spent forming a solid core which was to act as a spine for the design. I continued by adding fine layers of colour and metals returning day after day hour after hour until completion. In my mind destiny lead Eternal to its new home due to the perceptive vision of the new owners.


Paul's paintings in Noosa Australia

It was great to make contact with Paul who kindly sent images of part of his collection now in their new Australian home.


Each piece I create involves meticulous planning both in style and paint creation. I don't entertain substandard materials it's just not worth it. You get what you pay for. And I would like to think that the artwork l create will stand the test of time.

Visiting London


Today I visited London with my family and we went to St. Pauls to show them the view where I stand and paint.  Here you can see me standing outside Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub with Sir Christopher Wren's magnificent St. Pauls in the background.