Commissioning a piece of art by Robin is a simple process.

With over 25 years experience as an artist I have learnt to keep things simple.
I never miss a deadline. I still provide commissioned work for individuals and companies who I have worked with for 25 years.

Price includes.

The price includes a frame and delivery if required. For addresses outside the UK payment would be required before dispatch. We will attempt to absorb cost for delivery, but the painting may need to be sent rolled. ( I have in certain cases flown over and organised the installation).

Sizes and prices. 

35 cm x 35 cm - £299.00
30 cm x 50 cm - £349.00
50 cm x 50 cm - £399.00 
45 cm x 70 cm - £449.00
100 cm x 100 cm - £699.00
80 cm x 120 cm - £699.00
Contact me now if you want to.
Why not start now. Forward a photo via email. Choose your size. 
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